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Pacheco: AI and Electoral Reform Are Congressional Priorities in 2024

When speaking at the opening of the 2024 legislative year, the president of the National Congress, senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), listed the agendas that will be a priority in both legislative houses this year, among which the regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, the reform of electoral rules and the limitation of monocratic decisions by ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF).ebcebc

“We will work to improve the way in which the powers of the Republic operate, including the Executive and Judiciary, always valuing on our part dialogue and mutual respect, something essential to guarantee greater legal security and consequently national socio-economic progress”, he stated.

Last year, the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) approved a proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) to limit monocratic decisions and requests for views from ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Monocratic decisions are those made by just one judge on a provisional basis.

For Pacheco, only the balanced action of the powers will guarantee the effective execution of policies for the country’s development and well-being of the population. “Congress is the main bastion of Brazilian democracy. It is the most democratic of powers, as the external control exercised by society over the Legislature proves decisive in each election,” he stated.

The senator also defended the protection of parliamentarians’ mandates, as a way of guaranteeing freedom in the country. “Protecting parliamentary mandates means protecting freedoms, freedom of conscience, religious freedom, freedom of the press. Protect the much-needed freedom of expression, which should not be confused with freedom of aggression,” he said, at which point he was applauded by parliamentarians.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), spoke previously and stated that the House will not remain inactive this year, when municipal elections will be held in October.

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